Electroysis/Skin Tags

Advanced Electrolysis Practitioners use electrolysis for the treatment of thread veins or removal of skin tags. It is a safe method for both these conditions.

How does the Advanced Electrolysis treatment work?
Electrolysis can also be used to cut away skin tags and a variety of extra cellular skin lesions. The heat of the treatment allows the removal of the unwanted skin whilst sealing the wound to prevent bleeding and possible infection.

Is the Advanced Electrolysis treatment safe?
Electrolysis has been used safely and effectively for 125 years, with a low risk of side effects. All premises where electrolysis is carried out must be registered with the Local Authority, whose Department of Environment Health Inspectors enforce rigid standards of hygiene and sterility.

The side-effects like skin redness and swelling usually subside in a few hours or a couple of days following the treatment, with any permanent skin scarring being very rare.

How long will the Advanced Electrolysis treatment take and is it painful?

Vascular conditions can often be resolved after just one treatment.

The treatment equipment is designed for your maximum comfort and safety. Some patients say when undergoing electrolysis there is a slight warming sensation, some say it stings, but individual tolerances vary greatly.